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If you’re an introvert, it’s ok

One thing I love about Marie Forleo is how she addresses some seriously big issues that business owners deal with on a daily basis. I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert I love people and great with conversations but I’m a little awkward in crowds. It’s not about being shy I’d just rather be…

#Mixbit the new way to tell a story quickly

So in my search for the next Youtube I came across a website ironically built by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen co-creators of YouTube. I like the idea of being able to tell a story quickly – like getting to the point of it all Here are 2 You Might Enjoy Because It’s Funny…

Kanye West and How Not To Hold A Conversation

Sometimes when it comes to having conversations online we often mistake our knowledge as a justification for rudeness. Despite the controversy that all knowledge is power – arrogant knowledge often presents itself as a weakness. It makes us unlikeable but more importantly it makes people uninterested. Take for example the latest celebrity controversy involving Kanye…

When Your Opinion Matters

It’s funny how the world is filled with so much information and so little people willing to share their own opinions. So, I’ve dedicated this blog to pure conjecture. If you enjoy the idea let me know.